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 Estate Agent Pro Enterprise User Manual in PDF format (20 MB)

The trial version is a fully working version of Estate Agent Pro Enterprise which can be used to evaluate the software for two weeks. After that time you will either have to uninstall it or purchase the software.


It is strongly recommended that existing users of Estate Agent Pro do not install this version without contacting technical support first. The only reason for this is that we wish to avoid any accidental updating or overwriting of your existing database and shortcuts.

There is no need to download the user manual if you are installing the trial version as it is included automatically.
Installation Instructions

The instructions shown are for installing EAP on a PC running Microsoft Windows 7. The installation is in three stages.


Stage 1 - Download


1. Click on the link above to download the Estate Agent Pro Enterprise Single User Trial. The screens shown will vary according to the browser you are using.



2. Click on the Run button. Once the download has finished the following dialog will be displayed



3. All of our executables are signed with a security certificate so that you can be sure that they are safe to download. Click on the Run button. This completes the first Stage.


Stage 2 - Install


1. Click on the Yes button to allow EAP to be installed on your PC. The first screen of our installation program will be displayed.


EAP Install Wizard


2. We recommend that you close all other applications before continuing. When you have done so click on the Next button which will display the licence agreement.


EAP Install Wizard


3. Click on the I accept the agreement radio button and then click on the Next button to proceed with the installation.


EAP Install Wizard


4. By default EAP installs to the C:\EAP directory. If you wish to change this click on the Browse... button. Click on the Next button to proceed with the installation.


Notepin Do not install EAP into protected directories such as Program Files, Program Data, My Documents, etc.


EAP Install Wizard


5. It is recommended that you do not change any settings on this screen. Click on the Next button to display the confirmation screen.


EAP Install Wizard


6. Click on the Install button to install EAP. A progress bar will be displayed as files are copied to the EAP directory. The following screen will be displayed as EAP creates your database.


EAP Database Creator


7. When it completes running Click to Continue as indicated.


This completes the second stage of the installation.


Stage 3 - Configure


This is the configuration of EAP and will occur the first time Estate Agent Pro is run. The following shortcut will have been placed on your desktop.


EAP Shortcut


1. Double click on the EAP shortcut which will display the registration screen. The trial installation is valid for two weeks and will display the following dialog each time it is run:


Trial Screen


2. You must click on the "I Agree" button in order to continue. Once the two week trial has expired the following Registration screen will be displayed.


EAP Registration


Once you have purchased the software you will be requested by EAP technical support to send us the ID displayed, in this case F47FA179. The easiest way to do this is to click on the Email link You will be emailed back a release code which you should insert in the Enter Code box. You will need to confirm that you have read the EAP Technical Specification before you can click on the Register Software button. If the release code entered is incorrect or the expiry date encrypted in the release code has been reached the following dialog will be displayed.


Invalid Release Code


Click on the OK button to proceed. If the release code is incorrect you will be given another opportunity to enter it.


3. The Company Info screen will be displayed next.


Company Info


4. Enter the information requested and then click on the Continue button. The registration is now complete.


Notepin You should use the town you are located in for the branch name.


5. The EAP PDF Printer drivers will then be installed a dialog box will be displayed showing the progress.


Printer Drivers Install


6. You will be asked to confirm that you will allow these drivers to be installed. Please click on the Yes button.


User Account Control


This completes stage three and the installation of EAP. Please ensure that you study this help file for further information on how to use EAP. Please refer to the help file for instructions on using Estate Agent Pro Enterprise