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Client's Screen

Client's Screen

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Client's Screen

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This is where all base information pertaining to the client can be entered and maintained. A client can be an applicant or a vendor or both.


Clients Screen Clients Screen




A variation of this screen is used to add all types of clients including applicants, additional applicants, vendors, additional vendors, accountants,estate agents, landlords, solicitors, surveyors and any other user category you may wish to have such as plumbers or electricians.


The same client can be one or more of these, even all of them!


Notepin This is a fundamental part of the system and it is very important that the client concept, and how it should be used, is fully understood by all users.


The general tab can be broken down into 6 separate areas which are covered below.


Name & Address Name & Address




When adding a new client, after entering the surname field, a pop-up dialog will list all clients with the surname so that you can double check that this client is not already in the system. It is very important that clients are only added once otherwise when bulk mailing clients added twice will receive two communications!



You then have a choice of selecting any client in the list and then clicking Use Selected or skip & continue adding the new applicant.


The greeting field can be used in standard letters. It automatically defaults to Dear <Title> <Surname>.


The company name and job position fields should only be entered for companies, it should not be used for normal applicants or vendors.


To change the address click on the button on the right hand side. This will display the Address Details screen where the new address can be entered. See the Address Screen for further information.


Categories Categories




The Category (User) field is for you to classify clients however you wish but will not effect the internal category used by Estate Agent Pro. The categories listed can be amended by your system administrator.


The Age field is for information only and may be of use for mortgage purposes.

Response (monitoring) enables you to identify where your business is coming from. This information can be reported on in the Report Generator Screen. Again, your system administrator can amend this list.


The Review (frequency) is very important. Clients who are applicants and/or vendors can be reviewed in the Client Review Screen. This should be done on a daily basis. Use this field to set how frequently they should be reviewed. The default can be set by your system administrator.


Professional Contacts Professional Contacts




The clients estate agent and solicitor (if known) should be selected here. If the client is a vendor the estate agent should be set to yourselves. The list of estate agents and solicitors is configurable by your system administrator or, if you have the access rights to do so, you can add them here by clicking on the respective Add Button button.


These fields can be cleared by using the shift-del key combination.


Contact Details Contact Details




Enter the contact details for the client here. They can be added by clicking on the Add Button button on the navigation panel. See How do I use the navigation buttons? for more information.


Use the Type column to select the type of device. It will then be graphically displayed in the first column. In addition to the types shown, fax, pager, DX and web addresses can be entered.


The Def(ault) column is used to specify which number or email to use within an individual type when used in conjunction with standard letters. For example, if the standard letter field Applicant - Telephone is used, in this instance, the work telephone number will be used. This is also used in other screens where bulk emails are possible such as the Applicant/Property Matching Screen.


There can only be one default per device type.


At least one contact must be provided per client.


You can enter an unlimited number of contact details. These are displayed on numerous screens within Estate Agent Pro. See How do I use the contact details grid? for more information on how they can be used.


Data Protection Act Data Protection Act RECEIVED

is used



This is used to record that clients have signed the data protection act and the date they did so.


Notes Notes




Enter any relevant notes here. They are only accessible from this screen.


Ribbon Bar Ribbon Bar




The buttons on the ribbon bar are used as follows:


Save & Exit Button

Saves the changes made after validating input and exits.

Cancel & Exit Button

Discards any changes made and exits. If you were adding a new applicant or property the operation will be cancelled.

Clone Client Button

This button is only enabled if you are adding a new client. It is useful when you know another client exists with the same address.


This button is only enabled when you are adding a new property. If the vendor already exists in the database then use this button to select who the vendor is.

Print ID's Button

Prints the details entered on the Identification Tab.

New Communication Button

Opens the letters screen where you can send predefined letters to the client by either text, email or post. All letters sent are saved and are accessible by clicking on the Draft & Sent Letters button.


See the Communications Screen for more information.

Draft & Sent Communications Button

Provides details of all communications previously sent to the current client. Communications can be resent from this screen. If the client is an applicant or vendor these communications are also available from the same button on the applicants or properties screen. See the Customer Communications Screen for more information.


Information on the other tabs on the Client's screen is available here:


Identification Tab