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YTD Statistics Report

YTD Statistics Report

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YTD Statistics Report

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Displays year to date statistics for the current year by default.


YTD Statistics Screen


This is broken down by month giving details of the number of valuations, instructions, viewings, offers, sales and exchanges. for the year selected.


The year can be changed by clicking on the Spin Buttons buttons on the right of the year. The report will be automatically regenerated when the year is changed


The grid can be printed by clicking on the Print Button button.


Most columns are self explanatory. Those that may not be clear are detailed below:


Sold Subject to Contract

This represents all properties who's sale was agreed in the month. The Ratio is the fall through ratio. Fees represents the fee you will earn if the sale goes to completion.


This represents all properties that exchanged in the month. Cum shows the cumulative exchanges and YTD Fees is the cumulative year to date fees you will receive when the sale completes.