Estate Agent Pro Enterprise

What's New in this Version

What's New in this Version

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What's New in this Version

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Ribbon Bar Ribbon Bar


New main screen with Microsoft Office 2007/2010 look and feel including their new ribbon bar. Estate Agent Pro Enterprise is a multiple document interface (MDI) which allows an unlimited number of screens, including multiple applicants and properties to be open at the same time.


ribbon bar


As per Microsoft guidelines - when the ribbon is made narrower  the icons on the toolbar will resize themselves automatically from 32x32 pixels with text, to 16x16 pixels with text and finally 16x16 pixels without text. This will start at the right of the ribbon and work its way to the left hand side. The example below illustrates this.


Small Ribbon


Very Small Ribbon


When accessing individual screens such as the properties screen the icons pertaining to that screen will be shown as a contextual tab called "Active Screen". This is done to save space so that more data can be displayed on the screen.


Active Screen


The screens in Estate Agent Pro Enterprise are skinned so that they have a common look and feel. The icon colours have been designed to contrast with the default skin selected but this can be changed on a per user basis on the Administration tab.




The control on the right is the skin chooser. The skin can be selected by clicking on one of the icons within is such as the apple for the Apple Mac look and feel. Clicking on the drop down menu at the bottom right of the skin chooser show this more clearly:




Click on any icon to select the appropriate skin. Once stored the skin will be remembered the next time you login. The following is the Office 2010 Silver skin:


Office 2010 Silver Skin


Client Based System Client Based System



client based

Estate Agent Pro Enterprise is now a "client" based system. What is meant by this is that an individuals details only have to be entered once. They can then be defined as an applicant and/or a vendor, or indeed a plumber!



Multiple Vendors Multiple Vendors




There can now be any number of vendors selling a single property e.g. in the case of a divorce and there can also be any number of applicants purchasing a single property e.g. in the case of two single individuals buying a property together.


Applicant - Multiple Properties Applicant - Multiple Properties


purchase multiple properties

Likewise a single applicant can now purchase an unlimited number of properties.


Unlimited Contact Details Unlimited Contact Details


contact details

Unlimited contact details per applicant, vendor, etc. which are shown on all applicable forms. Clicking on the icon will take the appropriate action e.g. clicking on a telephone number, if you have a TAPI Device installed, will dial the number, clicking on a mobile phone will open the SMS Text box or clicking on the email icon will open the email box.


New Diary New Diary


A new diary system very similar to that found in Microsoft Outlook is now available


Diary Screen


When a major screen is opened the ribbon will be shown within the main screen's ribbon as the active contextual tab. This minimizes the amount of space taken up by toolbars.


Additionally, a time grid of the day of the appointment is now shown for viewings and valuations.




hmtoggle_plus1 MDI Interface


MDI Interface


When a new screen is opened it is shown on a separate tab with it's associated ribbon bar shown as the active contextual tab. You can switch between the active screens by clicking on the tab header. To close the active screen click on the close button in the tab  header. If you need to be able to see both screens at the same time, this can be achieved by clicking on the Cascade cascade button on the quick action toolbar.


New Grids New Grids


All grids throughout the system have been replaced by a much more sophisticated grid which gives the user the ability to sort by any column(s), search by any column and group by any number of columns.


new grid


Notepin This grid has the ability of being grouped and filtered by columns. See How do I use grid column grouping and filtering? for further information.


Important areas of certain screens, where there may be more information to be displayed, can now be automatically undocked (enlarged) by clicking the btnExpand button in the right hand corner of the header panel. The visibility of the button always indicates whether this functionality is available.


Docked Panel


This will result in the contents of the panel becoming detached from the form and it can then be re-sized as required.


Undocked Panel

Closing the window will automatically re-attach it to the form in its original position.


Postcode Lookup Postcode Lookup


Address Screen

If AFD software's Postcode Plus application is installed on the PC you are using you will be able to use it's search facilities from within Estate Agent Pro.


hmtoggle_plus1 EPC Charts


Energy Efficiency Rating

Environmental Impact CO2 Rating

EPC charts can now be automatically generated by moving the Current and Potential sliders using the mouse or keyboard arrow keys.


See the Properties Screen EPC Tab for more information.



Google Maps Google Maps Interface


Google Maps


Google Maps can be displayed for each property or a list of properties.


The directions from your office to a property can also be retrieved and stored.


Notepin The usage of Google Maps is in accordance with the '"Terms of Use" link displayed at the bottom right hand corner of the map. The "Terms of Use" agreement is between yourselves and Google Maps. The interface to Google Maps could be changed, or removed, or made chargeable at the discretion of Google Maps. Pair Softwhere LLP will try to keep this interface available but cannot guarantee it.


hmtoggle_plus1 Telephony Interface


If a TAPI Device is installed on your computer EAP can detect who is calling and, if the telephone number is registered in Estate Agent Pro, display a choice of associated applicants and properties.




Telephone calls can also be made at the click of a button.


notepin Not all drivers provided by telephony hardware suppliers are fully windows compliant. Additionally the supplier can restrict access to other applications.


See Major Enhancements for a detailed list.