Estate Agent Pro Enterprise

What is Estate Agent Pro?

What is Estate Agent Pro?

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What is Estate Agent Pro?

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Estate Agent Pro is sophisticated software for running all aspects of your estate agency business.

The system is a Windows client/server application which allows multiple users to use the system with data being automatically synchronised between branches, your own website and property portals.


The benefits of the system are


Manage more properties/applicants with fewer staff.

Communicate with clients immediately via email and text messaging.

Single source data entry.

Automatic synchronisation of data between branches.

Easy production and printing of property particulars.

Reduction of errors.

Improved quality of service to clients.


The product comprises


Activity reporting.

Applicant to property and property to applicant matching and monitoring.

Archiving of properties and applicants.

Automatic synchronisation across multi-branch organisations.

Automatic upload facility with data being automatically passed on to property portals specified by yourselves and optionally to your own web site if hosted by us.

Backup of data.

Carousel system for display in windows or reception area.

Chain flow recording.

Client reviewing.

Communications to clients are stored internally.

Custom reporting and design.

Design of your own mail-merged letters.

Diary system (multi-user).

Design your own property particulars in Microsoft Word or our own internal template editor.

Emailing including bulk emailing.

Image capture and editing.

Letting's marketing and management.

Live spell checking.

Management reporting.

Marketing module.

Offer entry and monitoring.

Postcode lookup (additional software required).

Professional printing of property particulars.

Property Management.

Response monitoring.

Text Messaging including bulk text messaging.

User definable property classifications and search criteria.

User definable task lists.

Viewing entry and monitoring.