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I want to send you an image of my screen, how do i do this?


To capture/copy a screen image to the clipboard when using windows, you can press either Ctrl+Print Scrn to capture the entire screen or Alt+Print scrn to capture the current window.

You can then paste this image into a word document and send it to us as a file.


Why can't I see my images when I plug my new camera in?


EAP will have been set up to look for images in the folder used by your previous camera. If the new camera is using a different folder,your system administrator will need to reset EAP to use it also.


Why is the Company information screen asking for a postcode?


If you are running an install of EAP, after entering the release code a screen will come up where you have to enter your company details.

The address field should be a minimum of four lines and the last line must be a full valid post code.


Notepin Postcode letters must be capitals and make sure you have not accidentally entered a blank line or space after the postcode.  Also, make sure that a capital letter O has not been used where a zero 0 should be and vice versa.


Why can't I send emails?


First, please ensure that you have an internet connection.  If this is okay then please contact your system administrator and ask them to check that the correct authorisation settings are set.


Why is EAP Displaying a $ sign in currency fields?


EAP does not have its own currency setting, like most applications it relies on picking up the currency from the Windows operating system. Please can you check that the ‘Regional settings’ are correct on your computer.


Note that if you are on a Windows 7 machine, there is a known Microsoft bug that causes issues with applications written in Delphi such as EAP.  It seems that if the correct ‘Locale’ info is selected during the Windows installation, even though it will then show correctly on the regional settings screen, the Windows operating system returns the wrong information when a Delphi program requests it.


To correct this please try the following:


In the Windows Control panel:


Change the "Format" setting to "English (USA)",

Click [OK].


            Restart your computer


Change the "Format" setting to "English (United Kingdom",

Click [OK].


            Restart your computer


Error when generating a Word template


There are several issues that can cause an error when generating a word template, how they are dealt with will depend on the message Microsoft Word displays.


If it is an 'Access violation' message, the first thing to check is that Microsoft Word is installed on the computer.  If it is installed, try closing down the machine, then after restarting it, go directly into Microsoft Word and check that the 'User name' and 'Initials' are set.  This is a known issue with Microsoft Word 2007, to find the settings follow the path, Word >Office Button > Word Options > Popular.


It the message is something along the lines of 'Word cannot create document 'c:\doc....\templatename.doc', it will be due to a previous version of the file being locked. The simplest way to resolve this is to restart your computer.


If the message is 'Word cannot start the converter mswrd632'  this is due to a Microsoft Windows registry setting, so should be dealt with by your IT engineer. If they need advice on this get them to contact Technical Support.


Why is my applicant not matching any properties or vice versa?


In the case of an Applicant, the first thing to check is that ‘Yes’ is selected in the following panel on the Applicants Screen:




If a property ensure there is an entry for each Classification on the Properties Screen:




and that the sale status is Available, Under Offer, Sale Agreed or the Letting equivalent.


If these are set correctly, then the reason will be a mismatch between the applicant’s criteria and the criteria of the property. To check this make a careful note of the applicants criteria, then use the Property search in the Report Generator Screen to filter the results by adding more and more of the applicants criteria until the property disappears from the list of matches.