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TAPI Auto-Dial Screen

TAPI Auto-Dial Screen

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TAPI Auto-Dial Screen

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If a TAPI Device is installed on your computer you can dial any landline or mobile telephone numbers directly from Estate Agent Pro.


Access to the telephony system is controlled by your system administrator and is enabled on a per user basis.


Once this is enabled, the next time Estate Agent Pro is accessed the following dialog will be displayed for you to select the TAPI device to use. Normally there is not more than one device to choose from. If you need assistance on this you should speak to your system administrator. Do not contact Estate Agent Pro regarding this as we do not know anything about your communications infrastructure.


TAPI Device Selection


Select the appropriate device and click on the OK button. This device will be automatically used in future. The Auto-Dial screen will then be displayed and will dial the number selected


Auto-Dial Screen


Once connected pick up the handset and continue with your conversation. This screen can be closed.


To cancel a call either close the screen or click on the Delete button.