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TAPI Auto-Answer Screen

TAPI Auto-Answer Screen

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TAPI Auto-Answer Screen

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If a TAPI Device is installed on your computer EAP can detect who is calling and, if the telephone number is registered in Estate Agent Pro, display a choice of associated applicants and properties.


Access to the telephony system is controlled by your system administrator and is enabled on a per user basis.


Once this is enabled, the next time Estate Agent Pro is accessed the following dialog will be displayed for you to select the TAPI device to use. Normally there is not more than one device to choose from. If you need assistance on this you should speak to your system administrator. Do not contact Estate Agent Pro regarding this as we do not know anything about your communications infrastructure.


TAPI Device Selection


Select the appropriate device and click on the OK button. This device will be automatically used in future.


From now on, whenever a telephone call is received, and your phone is not in use, the incoming caller ID will be checked against all telephone numbers recorded in the Estate Agent Pro database. If the number is found the window shown below will be displayed. It is unimportant how you have input the telephone number as long as all digits are present. This screen is normally completed before the first ring is complete.




If you take no action this screen will be automatically closed 5 seconds after the last ring. If you click anywhere on the screen it is anticipated that you will be taking the call and the screen will remain open until you close it.


In this example the client is both an applicant and a vendor.


Either selecting the appropriate record and then clicking on the view button, or double clicking on the record will open the appropriate screen.


Clicking on the edit button will open the clients screen.


If the caller is an applicant, an additional applicant, a vendor or an additional vendor associated applicant/property addresses will be displayed. If the caller is a solicitor then all non-archived applicants/properties where the solicitor is assigned will be displayed. If the caller is an Estate Agent all non-archived applicants where the estate agent is assigned will be displayed. If the caller is a surveyor then all non-archived properties where a survey has been entered for the surveyor will be displayed. If the caller is a landlord all non-archived properties owned by the landlord will be displayed.