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System Administration - Property/Vendor Options

System Administration - Property/Vendor Options

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System Administration - Property/Vendor Options

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hmtoggle_plus1 Classifications


The correct definition and usage of classifications is critical to the use of Estate Agent Pro therefore, when this screen is accessed the following warning is always displayed.




Please be very careful when changing classifications.




Up to ten classifications can be defined for properties. These must be common across all branches. Once defined the input of them is mandatory for all properties with a sale status of available or above and for all applicants. Please bear in mind that when these classifications are changed, the classifications set for all existing applicants will also need to be changed.


Clicking on any classification name will display the entries for that classification. If you wish the classifications to be sorted when they are displayed tick the A to Z check box.


Classifications can be added by clicking on the Add Button button on the navigation panel. See How do I use the navigation buttons? for more information.




Up to 31 entries can be defined for each classification.


In order that properties can be identified to your web site and property portals correctly, the entries must be mapped to a classification known by us. These mappings can be selected from the drop down list for each entry.


If the Default check box is ticked for any entry, new applicants will automatically have the corresponding entry ticked.


When you have finished making changes click the Save Button button on the navigator panel to save the changes.


hmtoggle_plus1 Force Refresh




If you are advised by technical support to refresh (re-synchronise) a property this is where it can be done. Either click on the property in the property list or use the progressive search facility to locate it and then click on the Include Button button. As many properties can be refreshed as required but please do not refresh properties unnecessarily. Properties can be removed from the refresh list by clicking on it and then clicking on the Remove Button button.


Notepin Properties can also be dragged and dropped between the two lists.


To process the properties to be refreshed click on the Save Button button. Unless the synchronisation process is busy with a large upload or download all data connected with these properties will be refreshed to all branches and your website in the background within a few minutes or so. There is no need to keep this screen open.


hmtoggle_plus1 Marketing Expenses




Up to 31 entries can be defined. These are used on the Marketing Expenses Tab of the Vendors Tab on the Properties Screen.


Significant changes should not be made to existing items unless they have not been used.


Click the Save Button button on the navigator panel to save changes. Moving to another row will automatically save changes.


hmtoggle_plus1 Options




Automatically Capitalise Property Fields

New paragraphs are automatically capitalised if this option is set. The fields affected on the Properties Screen are the summary and full details, the accommodation details, the bullet points and the directions and additional information fields.

Automatically Insert Metric Measurements

If this option is set when imperial measurements are inserted e.g. 15'10" on the fields listed above, the metric equivalent will automatically be appended so that it becomes 15'10" (4.83m). There should be no spaces in the measurement.

Default Price Details

The price details field for new properties will be set to what is entered here see How do I use price qualifiers (POA,OIRO. etc...)? for more information.

Display Key Features

The Key Features Tab  on the Advertising Tab of the Properties Screen can be hidden if not required.

Maximum Characters Allowed in Advert Text

The Advertising & Portal Text field can have the maximum number of characters allowed to be entered set. This defaults to 255. The reason for this is that it is used in advertising and other reports and is also send to portals. If this text is too large it will be truncated. See the Properties Screen Advertising Tab for details on how to specify the uploads.

Portals/Website Configured to Upload to

You only have to configure this drop down check box if you want to be able to specify that certain properties are not uploaded to all portals or your own website (if hosted by us). Please note that ticking portals that we have not configured uploads for you will have no effect.

Show HIPS on Property Screen

If Home Information Packs are ever resurrected the relevant information can be displayed on the property screen by setting this option to 'Yes'.

Validate Classifications

Set this option to 'No' to stop validation of classifications in the applicants and properties screen. It is strongly recommended that this option is left set as 'Yes'.

Validate Postcode

Set this option to 'No' to stop validation of postcodes throughout the system. It is strongly recommended that this option is left set as 'Yes'. The only reason for turning this off would be if you are located outside of the UK.

Valuation Template - Print Floorplan

Set this option to 'Yes' if you want blank floorplan templates printed when you print a valuation template.

Vendor Report

Vendor Report is a mail merge field that can be included in vendor standard letters. This field will include events posted against the vendor and the event types to be included are controlled here.

Web Enabled by Default

If you do not want properties web enabled by default e.g. not to appear on your website or portals when available, under offer or sale agreed then set this option to 'No'. In this case you will have to enable the properties individually.


hmtoggle_plus1 Sales Chasing Definitions




Sales Chasing definitions can be defined separately for sales and letting's.


Up to 31 entries can be defined. These are used on the Sales Chasing Tab of the Sales/Rent Status Screen.


Significant changes should not be made to existing items unless they have not been used.


The drop down box can be set as applicant, vendor or both and will be visible or not on the sales chasing tab accordingly.


Once all changes are made click on the Save Button button to save them.


hmtoggle_plus1 Status Colours




You can define the colours you wish to be associated with each property status. Standard colours can be selected from the drop down list. Custom colours can be created by clicking on the btnLookUp button.


hmtoggle_plus1 Templates & Documents




Microsoft Word and EAP templates can be created, edited or imported.


See How do I create a Microsoft Word template? for further information on Word templates.


See How do I create an EAP template? for further information on EAP templates.


The URL Path for Online Documents  is the default link to be used if you wish online documents to be used in upload to portals. Only portals that use the Rightmove upload specification support this.


hmtoggle_plus0 Property/Vendor Review


Vendor/Property Review


If you don't want vendors or properties as applicable to be reviewed when their properties are at a certain status the applicable status can be unchecked here.