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System Administration - General Options

System Administration - General Options

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System Administration - General Options

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hmtoggle_plus1 Addresses




The name of towns, counties and countries in your location can be entered here. They are then selectable when inputting new addresses on the Address Screen.


If one is set as the default then it will be automatically entered for any new address.


Addresses can be added by clicking on the Add Button button on the navigation panel. Click the Save Button button to save the changes. See How do I use the navigation buttons? for more information.


hmtoggle_plus1 Advanced Matching




Advanced matching criteria can be set for both sales and letting's individually. By default the option to use advanced matching is turned off. If it is turned on then an additional tab will be visible on both the applicants and properties screen.


Matching criteria can be added by clicking on the Add Button button on the navigation panel. Click the Save Button button to save the changes. See How do I use the navigation buttons? for more information.


We have found that advanced matching, whilst very useful in matching specific properties to specific applicants, is confusing to most users and therefore we recommend that this option is not used unless you have a specific requirement.


hmtoggle_plus1 Diary




You can define the default labels used in the diary for appointments, valuations and viewings. These labels match those used in Microsoft Office.


The default reminder time can also be set and whether reminders are activated for new appointments by default.


By default the diary for all users in all branches is available. This can be changed so that only those users in your branch can be seen.


UK bank holidays are provided for the next 10 years. These can be edited by clicking on the Edit Bank Holidays button.


hmtoggle_plus1 Options




AFD Postcode Lookup County

When using AFD Postcode or PostcodePlus the county to be selected can be specified. Options are Administrative, Postal, Traditional or Default. Default means use the postal county and, if it is blank, use the traditional county instead.

Applicant/Vendor - Default Review Frequency

The default review frequency you wish to use for applicants and vendors. It is recommended that this not be set to longer than every 2 weeks.

Applicant/Vendor - Validate DPA

If these options are selected then the setting of these fields will be mandatory on the applicant/vendor screens.

Applicant/Vendor - Validate Mortgage Required

Applicant Vendor - Validate Response Monitoring

Disable Review Presets

If this option is selected then the preset, 1 day, 1 week & 1 month buttons will be disabled forcing users to set a review date.

Record change of Negotiator as an Event

It has been found that if a negotiator leaves, quite often other negotiators will assign their properties to themselves. Setting this option will record those changes in the events table so that you can be aware of them.

Telephony Interface Enabled

This enables the Microsoft Telephony API (TAPI). Once enabled it can be set on a per user basis.This allows calls to be made  by EAP and to indicate who the caller is and display applicable applicants/properties. Your telephone system must be Windows TAPI compliant in order for this to be used.

PDF Viewer to Use

There are two options available:


  Default PDF Viewer:

Use the PDF viewer that is the default on each users PC.

  EAP Internal:

Use our internal viewer. No additional software has to be installed.




Other Branches


Applicants/Properties - Archive

If set to 'Yes' then you can archive another branches applicants/properties. The default is 'No'.

'Review' Other Branches

If set to 'Yes' then you can review other branches Clients, Progress and Viewings. The default is 'No'.


hmtoggle_plus1 Reports


Report Options


Include Property Reference in Advertising Reports

If this option is ticked then the internal property reference will be included in property reports. You may find this handy so that enquirers can quote the reference to you. This is turned off by default.

Show Price and Address on Photograph Report

If set the photograph standard report on the Report Generator Screen will show the property asking price and address in the bottom right hand corner.

Report Banner Colour

This colour will be used in the generation of all reports and, in conjunction with the report banner image defined in the Company Options, allows you to customise the look of reports.Standard colours can be selected from the drop down list. Custom colours can be created by clicking on the btnLookUp button.

Summary Report Title

The title set here will be used on the front page of the summary standard report on the Report Generator Screen.


hmtoggle_plus1 Response Monitoring




Up to 31 entries can be made here. These must be common across all branches and minimal changes should be made to used items. These items are used on the Client's Screen for applicants and vendors and are so that you can report on where your business is coming from.


Response monitoring reports can be run from the Report Generator Screen.


Click the Save Button button on the navigator panel to save changes. Moving to another row will automatically save changes.


hmtoggle_plus1 Standard Letters




Email Website Links

Up to three links can be specified depending on the settings here and can be specified for any property classification. If we have designed your website there will be a standard page available for each property to send a hyperlink of that property in mail-merged letters. This is typically used in applicant letters from the Applicant/Property Matching Screen.

Default Page Settings

These are the default settings that will be used for new letters. The font and font size settings will also be used when generating blank emails.

Edit Standard Letters

There are three different types of letters. Applicants, vendors and marketing. The creation and use of them is the same. See How do I create a standard letter? for more information.


Notepin Descriptions that start with the word Offer will be for use in the Offers Screen. Descriptions that start with the word Viewing will be specifically for use in the Viewings Screen. This only applies to applicant and vendor letters.


hmtoggle_plus1 Standard Phrases




Standard phrases can be inserted into any communication. Any number can be defined here and are designed to cut down on repetitive typing.


Standard phrases can be added by clicking on the Add Button button on the navigation panel. Click the Save Button button to save the changes. See How do I use the navigation buttons? for more information.