Estate Agent Pro Enterprise

System Administration

System Administration

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System Administration

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The administration of the system is accessed by clicking on the Administration tab on the main screen and then clicking on the Options button.




Th Administration tab gives access to both a protected area of the system and user administrative functions. For user administrative functions please see the Admin Tab.


To access the System Options users will be prompted to re-enter their login password to gain access to this area. Login passwords are mandatory for users who have been given access rights. If they do not have a password currently set, they will be forced to enter one before being granted access.


This Admin Options Screen is only to be used by trained personnel with as few people as possible having access.


Admin Options

All options connected with the running of Estate Agent Pro can be changed here.


Clicking on an option proceeded by a bullet_triangle_bluewill open that set of options in the right hand part of the screen. The selected option will be indicated by an bullet_triangle_green_small image.


This screen consists of 8 option groups:


Administration Options

Applicant Options

Company Options

Contacts Options

General Options

Modules Options

Property/Vendor Options

System Options


Most of these changes will not be seen by users until they log back into the system. It is therefore recommended that changes are not made whilst users are logged in.


If you are a multi-branch operation, and you are synchronising data between branches, all classifications and other pertinent data must be consistent across branches.



Changes made here could stop your system working altogether and therefore changes should only be made by properly trained personnel.


Changes can be saved at any time by clicking on the Save Button button on the quick action toolbar.