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Properties Screen - Valuation Tab

Properties Screen - Valuation Tab

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Properties Screen - Valuation Tab

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Details regarding your valuation of the current property can be recorded here. The btnExpand button can be used to undock (expand) the panel to make it easier to see multiple entries.


Valuation Tab


When the date of the valuation is entered the Appointments grid will change to show appointments already made for those members of staff designated as being able to do valuations. You can then easily determine who is to do the valuation and an available time slot and enter the information in the Details box. You can double click on any appointment shown here to get further information.


Following the valuation the relevant amounts should be recorded in the Estimate box. The details in the Status box should also be entered. The contents of the Status drop down list are configurable by your system administrator.


The buttons on the toolbar are to be used as follows:


Print Valuation Template Button

Prints a valuation template to be filled in by the member of staff carrying out the valuation. Includes directions to the property.

Diarise Valuation Button

Adds the valuation to the diary. This button will be disabled if the valuation appointment is already in the diary.

Google Directions Button

Retrieves directions from your office to the property from Google Maps which will be included in the Valuation template when the valuer prints it out. There will be a slight delay while this data is retrieved. It is stored in the Directions and Additional Information text box and can then be edited to customise it. These directions can be automatically included in your property particulars.

Notepin Double clicking on any header panel that contains the zoom zoom_in button will undock the panel making it larger for ease of use.


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