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Properties Screen - Survey Tab

Properties Screen - Survey Tab

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Properties Screen - Survey Tab

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This is where information of all surveys, for whatever reason, of the current property are recorded. The btnExpand button can be used to undock (expand) the panel to make it easier to see multiple entries.




Surveys can be added and deleted by means of the navigator buttons at the bottom left of the list of surveys. See How do I use the navigation buttons? for further information.


The fields on the right hand side of the survey tab are applicable to each survey.


Details contains relevant information of the company doing the survey and whom for. The valuation (if appropriate) can also be recorded here. The company doing the survey can be selected by means of the Drop Down Button button on the right hand side of the company name. New surveyors can be added by means of the Add Button button next to it (admin access rights apply).


Dates and times are to be recorded here. Proposed and alternate dates and times are optional.


Confirmed is to be used to confirm appointment with necessary parties as appropriate.


If a member of staff is going to be present for the survey they should be selected from the Accompanied by drop down list. Existing appointments are shown for the day of the Final Date to assist in this selection. If accompanied then the appointment will be automatically added to the diary.


Finally contact details that have been entered for the surveyor are listed below the list of surveys.


See How do I use the contact details grid? for further information on how to use this grid.


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