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Properties Screen - EPC Tab

Properties Screen - EPC Tab

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Properties Screen - EPC Tab

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This tab allows you to record the ordering progress of EPC's and to create the EPC charts.




Once you have received the ratings from your EPC provider all you have to do is record the values for each chart.


To do this you can drag the Current and Potential markers up or down with the mouse. If you need more precise tuning you can use the up, down, page up, page down, home and end keyboard keys. You can move between the Current and Potential columns by using the left and right keys on your keyboard.


When the changes to the current property are saved the two EPC charts will be recorded in the respective section of the Images Screen. There is no need for you to do anything else. The images will be automatically uploaded to your website and property portals.


If HIP's are ever re-introduced; the recording of the order process of these can also be recorded here by your system administrator changing a setting.


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