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Properties Screen - Advertising Tab

Properties Screen - Advertising Tab

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Properties Screen - Advertising Tab

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This tab contains all fields that are related to advertising the current property and itself consists of 4 tabs.


General Tab General Tab




The Advert and Web Address fields provide an alternative to the default display address, which uses the Town & County fields. If used these will appear on reports, websites and, if the associated merge fields are used in EAP or Word templates, the property particulars.


For example, if a property is in Neville Park, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, it’s default display address will be:  Tunbridge Wells, Kent. However if you enter:  Neville Park, Tunbridge Wells, this would be displayed instead.


The Adverts address is used in the reports generated within EAP and the Web address is used on any property portal that your EAP data is uploaded to, providing they support this field.  If you are also using EAP to drive your own website it can also appear there.


Market As ‘Available’ is only active if a property has a sale status of Sale Agreed, if ticked the property will continue to appear as Available on websites that your EAP data is uploaded to.


If vendors do not want their property to appear on any of the websites you normally send your EAP data to, unticking the Web Enabled checkbox will prevent it appearing, whatever it’s property status.


The Configured Portals/Website that this property should be uploaded to drop down check box can only be selected if your system administrator has configured which portals/website you upload to. If done this enables you to upload the current property to specific portals rather than the default of all.


Property Details PDF can be used to upload any of your property templates for the current property to Rightmove and other portals that use the Rightmove file format.


As well as being used in the EAP standard reports, the Advert & Portal Text will be uploaded to internet property portals such as Rightmove as the ‘Summary’ text.   The number of characters for this field is limited, due to the limit set by Rightmove and other property portals.  If the Summary text field on the Particulars tab is filled in first, the text from it, up to the character limit, is automatically copied to the field, but only if it is blank.  If necessary the text can then be edited accordingly.  Any further editing of the summary field will not update the Advert & Portal field.  The number of allowed characters in the field can be changed by your system administrator.


Accommodation Tab Accommodation Tab




The Accommodation Details can be used as an alternative rich text field to the 'Full Details' field on the Particulars tab. It is normally used on local ‘in house’ advertising rather than on the internet where the Full details field on the Particulars tab is used. It is useful if you would like to have more than one type of Particulars for a property. The btnExpand button can be used to undock (expand) the panel to make it easier to deal with larger entries.


Display Board Tab Display Board Tab


Display Board Tab


This tab is used to record what type of Board has been installed at a property and when. The details entered here can be sent to your board erector as an email. The board erector has to be defined in Admin, once this has been done you can use the general communication button on the main page to email them.


Email Board Erector


It will also email the ‘Comments’.


The details are also used in the Property report ‘Sale Boards Location’.

Key Features Tab Key Features Tab




This should be a bullet point list of the property’s main features. This text can be used in property particulars and can also be uploaded to websites and property portals.


Each feature should be on a separate line and does not require a preceding bullet point character. The bullet point character should be handled by formatting of the merge field on the Particulars template or by the website, as appropriate.


The btnExpand button can be used to undock (expand) the panel to make it easier to see multiple entries.


Online Documents Tab Online Documents Tab




The purpose of this screen is to pass a link to portals that have that capability. This is only applicable to portals that use the Rightmove upload format.


The default link can be configured by your system administrator.


Notepin Double clicking on any header panel that contains the zoom zoom_in button will undock the panel making it larger for ease of use.


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