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Print Upload Screen

Print Upload Screen

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Print Upload Screen

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The print upload screen is a module that is available to upload property particulars for professional printing (additional charges apply).


Print Upload Screen Print Upload Screen


Print Upload Screen


The unsent orders tab is displayed by default. The buttons on the ribbon bar can be used as follows:


Upload Button

Uploads the files. The progress bars will show the progress of the upload. The status log of the upload will also be shown in the bottom half of the screen. As each file finishes it's upload it will be moved to the sent orders list on the Re-Order/Monitor  tab. Once uploaded orders cannot be cancelled or changed so please ensure that the order details are correct before uploading.

Abort Button

If an upload is in progress clicking on this button will abort it.

View Button

Opens the file to be printed in the Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer.

Delete Button

Deletes the order.

Refresh Button

If someone else has placed an order since you opened this screen, clicking this button will refresh the list.

Add Word Document Button

Adds any Microsoft Word document to the print orders.

Add PDF Button

Adds any PDF file to the print orders


Re-Order/Monitor Tab Re-Order/Monitor Tab


The date and time the order was received can be recorded here for information purposes. Prints can also be re-ordered.




Sent orders can be deleted by means of the navigator buttons at the bottom left of the grid. See How do I use the navigation buttons? for further information.


The selected order can be re-ordered by clicking on the re-order button. There will be a slight delay whilst this is done as the PDF has to be duplicated. A confirmation message will be displayed when this is complete and a new order will be added to the unsent orders list.

Re-Order Button