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Portfolio Screen

Portfolio Screen

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Portfolio Screen

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If this screen was opened from the Main Screen it defaults to all available properties. If it was opened from the Applicant Screen the list of properties are those that match the respective applicants criteria. This module is designed to be used when seated at a screen that is visible by an applicant. It displays graphically a list of properties one by one according to easily selectable criteria. Properties can be bookmarked and a report of them given to the client. There is an interface to Google Maps so that the location of the properties can easily be seen.


Portfolio Screen Portfolio Screen


Portfolio Screen


This screen provides an extremely good mechanism for showing an applicant what properties meet their criteria. Properties can be scrolled through by using the Navigate group on the ribbon bar. The main image for each property is initially displayed as the large image. This can be changed by clicking on any other image. The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. is shown for each property. If you hold the keys for this property it will be indicated as shown above.


Ribbon Bar Ribbon Bar


Ribbon Bar


The navigation buttons are self explanatory.  The usage of all other buttons is described below.


Google Maps Button

Opens the Google Maps interface with the focused property displayed. There is an option to show all other properties.


Please refer to the Google Map screen for more information.

Property List Button

Displays a list of all bookmarked properties including the main image, asking price, location, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and summary details. which can be printed.


See the Bookmarked Properties Screen for more information

Register Applicant Button

Enables you to register a new applicant using the search criteria entered here together with outline viewing entries for each property marked as wanted to be viewed.

Search Button

Opens a screen enabling you to enter/modify the search criteria used to filter properties to be included here.


Please see the Search Criteria section below for more information.

Add Outline Viewing Button

Adds an outline viewing for the current property. Also adds a bookmark if it was not already bookmarked. This will toggle the image used for the Viewings button. Click it again to remove the outline viewing.

Remove Outline Viewing Button

Bookmark Button

Bookmarks the current property. This will toggle the image used for the Bookmark button. Click it again to remove the bookmark. Removing a bookmark will also remove an outline viewing.

Remove Bookmark Button

Property Button

This will open the Properties Screen focused to the current property.


Search Criteria Search Criteria


The search criteria can be entered/modified here and the list of properties regenerated.


Search Criteria


Search Button

Closes this dialog and regenerates the list of properties based on the criteria entered.

Clear Button

Sets the search criteria back to the defaults (the defaults are as shown).

Cancel Button

Closes this dialog discarding any changes made.

Under Offer Flag

If this is ticked the Under Offer image will be shown when scrolling through properties as appropriate.

Tick All

Ticks all property types.

Untick All

Unticks all property types.


List Heading Tab


Any data entered here will be used as a heading when printing the list of properties. This would typically be used to include the name of the applicant.