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PDF Viewer/Print Order Screen

PDF Viewer/Print Order Screen

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PDF Viewer/Print Order Screen

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This screen serves two purposes one, as an internal pdf viewer the other as a pdf viewer and print order screen.




If it is not being used in connection with possible print orders the ribbon bar will not be visible.


If you wish to order external prints the Product Code (in this case F002), Quantity and Weight must be selected before the Save Order & Exit button is enabled.


Notepin An account has to be set up with Ravensworth before this service can be used. Contact Steve Tolfree at Ravensworth stating that you are an Estate Agent Pro user if you are interested in using this service.


The following Ravensworth product codes are supported.


Ravensworth Product Codes


Any external print company can be used, but the naming of the file being sent will use the Ravensworth format. Please also bear in mind that they may not support all products listed.


The weight drop down list will normally include an option to have the document laminated which is only available at 250 gsm.


The quantity initially displayed is the minimum order quantity for the product selected.


If you wish to open the Print Upload Screen to submit the order immediately tick the Open Upload Form check box before saving the order.


Closing the screen will cancel any unsaved orders.