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Offer Book Screen

Offer Book Screen

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Offer Book Screen

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The offers screen lists all offers made on available, under offer and sale agreed properties.


Offer Book Screen Offer Book Screen


Offer Book Screen


All summary data relevant to offers made is shown including the date of the last offer made. Details of the individual offer can be viewed by clicking on the Expand Button button in the left hand column.


The property status is indicated by a coloured block at the left hand side of the property address. Clicking on the information Information Button button on the quick access  toolbar at the top left of the screen will display a popup window which shows the meaning of the colours.


Notepin This grid has the ability of being grouped by columns. See How do I use grid column grouping and filtering? for further information.


Ribbon Bar Ribbon Bar


Ribbon Bar


The buttons on the ribbon bar have the following functionality:


Expand All Button

Expands all rows showing details of individual offers made.

Collapse All Button

Collapses all rows so that the details of individual offers is not shown.

Contacts Button

Displays the Contacts Screen detailing all contacts for the vendor of the selected property and the applicant.

Print Button

Prints the grid as it is shown on the screen.

Offers Button

Opens the Offers Screen for the selected property and focuses to the offer made by the selected applicant.

Applicant Button

Opens the Applicants Screen focused to the selected applicant.

Property Button

Opens the Properties Screen focused to the selected property.