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Major Enhancements

Major Enhancements

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Major Enhancements

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All major forms have been changed so that they are totally independent of one another meaning that, for example, multiple properties can be open at the same time. In order to make the software more intuitive the Microsoft Office 2007 look and feel has been adopted where applicable and graphics used wherever appropriate for clarity. The Main Menu is now a Ribbon bar as featured in Microsoft Outlook 2007. We have focused in particular on usability and making useful information readily available at all times.


The data structure has been changed so that, in a multi-branch environment, users from any branch can edit other branches properties and applicants. Whether or not they can do so can be set on a per user basis. Another branches applicant or property cannot be deleted. All applicants and properties are now synchronised but user settings define whether they are visible or not. The definition of users is now mandatory.


All grids used within the system can now be sorted by any column both ascending and descending. Additionally, any grids that displays notes now automatically size to the height of the note. Data entry for notes is now done by typing directly into the grid field. Certain grids, namely the Properties, Applicants and Report Generator grids can now be filtered so that only certain properties/applicants are visible. A standard dialog is used for this which also has an advanced search facility. Advanced searches can be saved for future use. There is also a default setting so that the current view will always only display properties/applicants that match the search criteria. For example, only show the negotiators own properties.


Spell checking component has been enhanced and a thesaurus added. Access to the thesaurus is achieved by clicking the button btnThesaurus on any toolbar.


Telephone numbers/email addresses assigned to applicants, vendors, solicitors and estate agents is now unlimited and are displayed in a grid on these and associated forms. Clicking on the mobile image will send a text message (setup required and additional charges apply). Clicking on the  email Image will open a screen so that an email message can be composed and sent. If a Microsoft Windows TAPI compliant telephony system is installed clicking on the phone button will dial the number.


When telephone calls are received and a Microsoft Windows TAPI compliant telephony system is installed, the callers information and associated applicant/vendor records will be displayed.


EAP Portfolio is now embedded into EAP and is available as an additional module. EAP Portfolio is a user friendly front-end for searching and browsing properties.


EAP Carousel is now embedded into EAP and is available as an additional module.


Headers and footers can now be designed for Standard Letters. Any text or images can be inserted into the header or footer. Page numbers/counts can also be inserted.  Standard letters can now have multiple columns and text boxes.


It is now possible to send emails, letters, etc. to all applicants who have viewed a specific property or all applicants who have matched against a specific property. These options are available under the Events menu of the Property form. For convenience it uses the Applicant Match form.


User Defined Reports can now be generated from the Reports form and will be based on the Report search plus any other search criteria defined in the report.


The applicant and property match forms have been merged into one. Additionally, when matching applicants against multiple properties from the Report form, the applicant grid can now be expanded to show the matched properties for any applicant. Applicant lists can be generated by property or by applicant. If by property the main image is shown to aid picking of property particulars.


The individual viewing entry form accessible from the Property form has been replaced with a multiple viewing grid similar to that available for applicants in version 2.0.


Offer form completely redesigned to make it more intuitive to use.


Applicants can now purchase more than one property. The Applicant form has been changed to reflect this on the 'Purchasing' tab. Double clicking the respective property will display the property form for the selected property. The Chain, Contacts and Letter Generation forms will display the details for the relevant property selected.


The Chain dialog has been enhanced so that it graphically displays the chain. Split chains can now be defined.


Diary entries can now be made to re-occur for any period and can also be shared between users. The diary form now has a Month View tab for displaying a whole month at a time.


Applicant/Vendor Review forms have been merged into a single Client Review form and now have dated notes embedded for ease of use.


New Open Matches form for the purpose of following up property matches. This is available from the main form under the Review section. And both from the Property and Applicant forms under Events.


Stored documents are now saved in PDF format and are unlimited per property.


Identity recording for applicants and vendors including proof of address as per the money laundering guidelines.


The Reports form has been completely re-written and starts with a display of all properties and all applicants. These can then be filtered out.


All reports have been standardised to use the same font, etc. Headings use a user defined background colour which can be defined in Admin.


EPC charts can now be automatically generated by moving the Current and Potential sliders using the mouse or keyboard arrow keys.