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This is the web equivalent of the help file that is included with Estate Agent Pro Enterprise.


Unlike many other of our competitors, we believe in publishing full details of Estate Agent Pro Enterprise so that potential buyers can make better informed choices regarding selection of software.


When running Estate Agent Pro Enterprise, pressing F1 from any screen will display the help page for that screen. What's this help is also available for quick help on any field by clicking the Whats This button on the quick access toolbarQA Toolbarand dragging the icon to the area of the screen that you require help on. Alternatively, the help file page for the current screen can be opened by either pressing F1 or the Help button.


Throughout this document where we believe that something is of particular significance, we will indicate it as follows:


 Notepin All names, addresses and contact details used in this help file are fictitious.


The following sections are available within the introduction:


What is Estate Agent Pro?

What Equipment do I Need?

LAN vs ASP Model


Estate Agent Pro Icon

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