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Images Editor Screen

Images Editor Screen

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Images Editor Screen

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Internal image editor where images can be resized, brightened, edited, etc.


Images Editor Screen Images Editor Screen


Image Screen Editor


This editor is similar in operation to Microsoft Paint, albeit more powerful.


It is not the intention of this help file to teach you how to use this editor, but rather tell you what the controls do. The best way to learn this is to experiment. No permanent changes will be made to the image until you click on the Save Button button.


Notepin This editor is provided so that you can resize, crop or brighten an image. You could for example change a grey sky to blue and make the image more presentable. The use of this editor to remove, for example, telegraph poles, is illegal. The use of this editor is therefore your responsibility and Pair Softwhere excepts no liability.


This screen can be broken down into 2 areas.


Navigator Navigator




The dotted box on the navigator represents the area which is shown on the screen. Initially this will be the whole screen until you use the Zoom Control zoom control. The box can then be dragged around the navigator to display that part of the image in the main photo. The navigator can be dragged completely off this screen for convenience.


This box can be closed if not needed by clicking on the Close Button button at the top right hand side of the navigator.


Ribbon Bar Ribbon Bar


Ribbon Bar


The purpose of the buttons on the ribbon bar is described below.


Edit Bar

These buttons can be used to copy, paste or cut a selected area of the screen as per normal windows usage. An area of the screen can be selected using any of the controls in the select bar.

Draw Bar

These are the drawing tools. The settings for the pen and fill effect the Pencil and Fill controls respectively. The number next to the Pen colour is the pen size to use. These colours and sizes are also used in conjunction with objects. The colour picker Colour Picker can be used to 'pick' a colour from the image. The Undo and Redo buttons can be used to undo/redo mistakes. There is a maximum undo limit of 25.

Objects Bar

Objects can be added to the image, positioned, resized, coloured, edited and finally merged into the original image. The current pen and fill settings will be used. The Text control is for adding text, the Rectangle control is for adding a rectangle and the Ellipse control is for adding an ellipse. The Linecontrol is for adding a line and the Arrowcontrol is for adding an arrow. The Select Objectcontrol is for selecting an object, the Paste control is for pasting the contents of the clipboard to a new object and the Imagecontrol allows you to insert an image. The deletecontrol deletes a selected object. The Merge control merges all objects into the image.

Select Bar

These are the selection tools. The Clear Selection control is for clearing the current selection. The Select Rectangle control allows you to select a rectangle, the Select Polygon control a polygon and the Select by Wandcontrol a contiguous block of similar colours.

Size Bar

The Actual Size button sets the image to it's actual size and the Fit button fits the image to the screen.  The Zoom Control control lets you zoom the image in or out. The Crop control is for cropping the selected portion of the image. The Resize button opens the Resize Screen.

Transform Image Bar

The Colour button opens the Colour Adjustment Screen and the Rotate button opens the Rotate Screen. The Rotate 90° button flips the image 90°, the Flip Horizontally button flips the image horizontally and the Flip Verticallybutton flips the image vertically.

Files Bar

The Save button saves the changes made and closes this screen. The Save As button allows you to save the image to any location on your hard drive.