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How do I use grid column grouping and filtering?

How do I use grid column grouping and filtering?

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How do I use grid column grouping and filtering?

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Any column that makes logical sense to group by, can be grouped. We will use the Activity Report Screen as an example.


Activity Report


If, for example, you wish to show this grid grouped by your branches, right mouse click on the Branch column heading and then drag it to the grouping area and release the mouse button.




The column grouped by can then be collapsed or expanded as required e.g. Crowborough branch is collapsed.


We could, if we so wished group by Date, in this instance this particular grid has been set to group by months:




If you so wished to do so you could group by multiple columns!


Columns can be ungrouped by dragging and dropping them back to their original, or other, column position.


If the grid is printed the grouping used will be reflected in the output.


Filters can be applied to certain columns by clicking on the Filter Column Button button in the column heading. Only those columns that can be filtered will have this button.


If you wish to filter by the Branch column, clicking on the button will display the following drop down list to choose from:



Checking the Crowborough branch will display the properties for just that branch. Multiple branches can be included as appropriate.




As can be seen from the above example the active filter is displayed at the bottom of the grid.


Multiple column filters can be applied if required.


To cancel the filter, simply click on the btnNavCancel shown against it.


Notepin Of course, column grouping and filtering can be combined!