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How do I add an applicant?

How do I add an applicant?

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How do I add an applicant?

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1. To add an applicant, on the main screen click on the applicants button.


Applicants button


2. At the bottom left of the screen there is a navigator panel. Click on the btnNavAdd button. This will open the client screen where you can choose an existing client as the applicant or add a new one. See How do I use the navigation buttons? for further information on the navigation panel.



3. If you know that the client is already in the database, for example he or she is already registered as an vendor, click on the drop down button of the Surname field and you will be able to select him/her from the list. If it is a new client this screen must be completed.



See the Client's Screen for more information.


When finished click on the Save & Exit button which will then validate that all data has been entered before returning you to the Applicants Screen.


Notepin At least one contact number must be provided.


If you wish to cancel the adding of an applicant click on the Cancel & Exit Button.


4.You can then complete entering the rest of the data you have for the applicant. To save the entries made on the applicant screen click on the btnNavSave button on the navigator at the bottom left hand side of the applicants grid.



The data entered will be validated and if any mandatory fields are incomplete an error message will be displayed:


Error Message

The applicable tab will be focused with the appropriate field coloured yellow:


Missing Data



5. Once all mandatory fields have been supplied, some of which are configurable by yourselves, you will be able to save the new applicants record.


See the following for more information.


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