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How do I add a viewing?

How do I add a viewing?

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How do I add a viewing?

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You can add a viewing from either the Main Screen, the Applicants Screen or the Properties Screen. In this example we will do it from the applicants screen.


1. On the main screen click on the applicants button.


Applicants Button


2. Navigate to the applicable applicant either by clicking on them or using the search facility.




3. Click on the viewings button. This will open the Viewings Screen.




4. All viewings entered for the applicant will be displayed. Click on the Add Button button on the navigator panel. This will display a list of properties. Select the one the applicant wishes to view and then click on the Go Button button on the quick access toolbar. A new entry will be added to the list of viewings. The date defaults to today, and the time to 12:00, change these to the date and time of the viewing. If the viewing is to be accompanied check the Accomp column and select who will be doing it from the Accomp by drop down list. Also complete the Meet column. The Diary for the day of the viewing will be automatically displayed to help you select who is available to accompany the viewing.


5. If you have confirmed the viewing with the vendor, check the V Conf column. If confirmed with the applicant check the A Conf column.


6. Enter any other information and then click on the Save Button button on the navigator panel to save the viewing. The viewings screen can now be closed.