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How do I Add a property?

How do I Add a property?

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How do I Add a property?

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1. To add a property, on the main screen click on the properties button. This will open the Properties Screen.


Properties button


2. At the bottom left of the screen there is a navigator panel. Click on the btnNavAdd button. This will open the client screen where you can choose an existing client as the vendor or add a new one. See How do I use the navigation buttons? for further information on the navigation panel.



3. If you know that the client is already in the database, for example he or she is already registered as an applicant, click on the drop down button of the Surname field and you will be able to select him/her from the list. If it is a new client this screen must be completed.



See the Client's Screen for more information.


When finished click on the Save & Exit button which will then validate that all data has been entered before returning you to the property screen.


Notepin At least one contact number must be provided.


If you wish to cancel the adding of a property click on the Cancel & Exit Button.


4. The property address will have been set to that of the vendor. If that is incorrect click on the bar on the right hand side of the address in order to change it.


Property Address


Notepin If you have AFD Software's postcode lookup software Postcode Plus installed on the PC you are using, you will be able to use the postcode search capabilities


5. If you have agreed a valuation date with the vendor click on the ValuationTab tab and enter it here. It will be automatically added to the diary with a reminder set for the valuer.


Valuation Details


6. If you have entered a postcode for the property you can retrieve directions from your office to the property which will be included in the Valuation template when the valuer prints it out. To do this click on the Google Directions button.


Google Directions button


There will be a slight delay while this data is retrieved. It is stored in the Directions and additional Information text box and can then be edited to customise it. These directions can be automatically included in your property particulars. An example is shown:


From Morley Rd

1. Head east on Morley Rd toward Vale Rd (285 feet).
2. Turn left at Vale Rd (190 feet).
3. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Vale Rise/A26. Continue to follow A26. Go through 1 roundabout (1.2 miles).
4. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Vauxhall Ln/A2014. Continue to follow Vauxhall Ln (0.5 miles).
5. Turn left to stay on Vauxhall Ln (1.5 miles).
6. Turn left at London Rd/A26. Continue to follow A26. Go through 1 roundabout (3.0 miles).
7. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Nevill St/A267. Continue to follow A267 (0.6 miles).
8. Turn left at Birling Rd/B2169. Continue to follow B2169 (0.2 miles).
9. Take the 1st right onto Wallace Close. Destination will be on the left (217 feet).
Distance: 7.0 miles Duration approximately: 18 mins
From Map data ©2010 Tele Atlas


7.You can then complete entering the rest of the data you have for the property. To save the entries made on the property screen click on the btnNavSave button on the navigator at the bottom left hand side of the properties grid.



The property is added with a status of  valuation. There is no automatic check that all necessary data has been provided at this stage as the property has not yet been valued and therefore you can't know all details as the request for a valuation has probably been received by phone.


Once the  valuation has been carried out the data must be updated accordingly.


Please see the following for more information.


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