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Google Map Screen

Google Map Screen

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Google Map Screen

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This interface uses the Google Maps API and will initially show  the property that was active when this screen was invoked.

Notepin The locations shown in this help file address wise will not match the location of the map as, whilst the post codes are valid, all addresses used are fictitious.


Location of Active Property Google Map Screen


Google Map


The location of the active property is initially displayed.


Google Maps Toolbar


The latitude and longitude of each property is retrieved from Google when a property is added or its address is amended.


If there was more than one property passed to this screen the Show All Properties Button button will be enabled. Clicking on this will display all properties automatically zoomed to a level that shows all properties. The initial property is indicated by a red balloon, all other properties are indicated by a blue balloon.


If the Google Maps interface was opened from the properties screen you will have the option to store the map displayed by clicking on the Store Map Image Button button. Before storing the image you can first of all zoom to any level you require using the google controls.


Location of All Properties Show All Properties




You can revert to just displaying the initial property by clicking on the Show Initial Property Button button.


When there are too many properties to display without them overlapping they are grouped together with the number of properties shown inside the group. You can zoom down inside the group by clicking on it.


Notepin The usage of Google Maps is in accordance with the '"Terms of Use" link displayed at the bottom right hand corner of the map. The "Terms of Use" agreement is between yourselves and Google Maps. The interface to Google Maps could be changed, or removed, or made chargeable at the discretion of Google Maps. Pair Softwhere LLP will try to keep this interface available but cannot guarantee it.