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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The answers to frequently asked questions are detailed below.


Can EAP receive incoming SMS messages?


No, however the outgoing message could include the number of a mobile or landline capable of reciving SMS messages


Why does my property appear on my own website and not Rightmove?


This is almost always due to the property Classification settings.  As properties can be searched for by type on Righmove, the classifications Style and Type must be set in EAP and these settings must have valid portal mappings.  The portal mappings must be set up by the system administrator.


Which property Portals can I use EAP to send data to?


Currently EAP can be used to send data to are:





The Home Sale Network

The digital property group (Prime Location, findaproperty)



Mayfair Office



Property Finder

Property Platform

Radar Homes



And we are constantly adding to this list.


Do standard letter templates synchronise?


Standard letter templates do not synchronise across branches.  However if you want to set up some standard company template letters at one branch, we can help you to copy them across to your other branches. Please contact Technical Support for help with this.


Why can’t I delete a record without archiving it first and why only one at a time?


To prevent accidental deletions, EAP has been designed so that an applicant or property record has to be archived first, also only one record can be deleted or archived at a time.  This is because once a record is deleted, there isn't a 'Recycle Bin’ to restore from, they would have to be retrieved from a back up file, which may mean losing recently added data.


Which EAP fields are used to supply data to the portals?


Key Features:


Used on portals such as Rightmove and others, these are picked up from the Properties Screen>Advertising Tab>Key Features Tab. Each feature needs to be on a separate line and there is no need to add 'bullet' points.


Summary Text:


The brief description of a property that is normally displayed in the search results portal search results, is taken from the first 300 characters of the 'Advert & Portal text'.  This field is found on the Properties Screen>Advertising Tab>General Tab. Some portals such as Rightmove impose a limit of 300 characters including spaces for summary text, hence the field is set to default to this. If you need to changes this, please contact your System Administrator.


More/Full Details:


The room description text for pages such as the 'More Details' page on Rightmove, is taken from the 'Full Details' section on the Properties Screen>Particulars Tab.


Display Address:


The default address displayed on websites is normally the Town+County fields from the property address. However, If you want to display something other than this on portals and your website if fed by EAP, this can be done by setting the 'Web' address field on the Properties Screen>Advertising Tab>General Tab.


For example by default 133 Stephens Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, would have a display address of 'Tunbridge Wells, Kent'. Using the Web address field you can set it to appears on websites as: St Johns area, Tunbridge Wells


Why hasn't my property updated/appeared?


If a property is not updated with a data change or has not appeared at all on a portal such as Rightmove, please double check that the data is correct on the property record. See How do I make properties uploadable?. If   no changes were necessary ask your System Administrator to set the property to 'Force Refresh'. When the property will update/appear will depend on when the Portal updates their website.


If your property has still not updated by the following morning, please use the Support Screen to contact us with details of the property in question, so that we can investigate further.


How often do the portal websites get updated.?


How often will depend on when the portals themselves process data. For instance, Rightmove process data every four hours, except for midday. We time our uploads to Rightmove so that any new data should be ready and waiting for them to process it. The timing is not exact, for example, if a property has been updated on EAP and the changes uploaded to us after 15:30, it has probably missed the boat for the 16:00 processing run, so would have to wait for the 20:00 run.  Some portals only process data once a day.


We have no control over exactly when a portal processing run will take place or at what point in the processing run your data will be processed, but it’s normally within an hour of it starting. Images may take slightly longer to appear due to the way portals store them, but normally they will appear at the same time as the property.


When and how should I back up my data?


The EAP folder should be backed up every day and a recent copy should be kept offsite.


There are several methods of backing up data, the one that is best for you will depend on your hardware set up and how much EAP data you need to store. It's best to discuss this with your IT engineer who will be able to assist you.


Notepin It is your responsibility to ensure that the EAP database is backed up. If this is not done then, in the event of say, a hard disk failure, all of your data will be lost and will have to be re-input.



How can I change the VAT rate used in EAP?


The VAT rate is set in 'Branches' section of Admin, please ask your system administrator to update this.




Estate agent pro automatically updates the next client review date when any of the following actions occur:




Primary details changed in the applicant screen

Dated note added

Letter sent

Sales chasing event entered

Offer made or amended

Viewing entered or amended


Change made to the asking price

Mortgage referral made (mortgage module only)

Dated note added

Letter sent

Sales chasing event entered

Offer made or amended

Viewing entered or amended


Notepin The next review date can also be manually changed in the applicant screen.


why are currency fields showing in US dollars?


Estate Agent Pro does not have its own currency or date settings, like most applications it relies on the Windows operating system for them. 


Please check that the ‘Regional Settings’ or ‘Region and Language’ settings, found in the Windows control Panel are correct on your computer.


Please note that if you are on a Windows 7 machine, there is a known Microsoft bug that causes issues with non-US currency applications. It seems that if the correct ‘Locale’ info is selected during the Windows installation, even though it will then show correctly on the regional settings screen, the Windows operating system returns the USA currency and date format (MMDDYY) when our application requests it.


To correct this please try the following:


Go to:  Windows > Control panel > Region and Language > Formats.


Change the Format setting to "English (USA)",

Click [OK].


Restart your computer


Change the Format setting to "English (United Kingdom)",

Click [OK].


Restart your computer.





The data chain/upload cycle is as follow:


1.The EAP Client services program sleeps for one minute and when it wakes, checks for any data changes since the last upload.

2.The upload program collates the changes into a zip file, which is then uploaded to our FTP server.

3.If branches are synchronising data: Once the file upload has completed, the EAP Client services program will check for any new files from the other branches, download them and update the EAP database.

4.Our main database also ‘wakes up’ after a minutes sleep. 

5.The main database runs a ‘download cycle’ where it checks our FTP server for any new data files uploaded by all of the EAP agents who upload their data to us.  The new data files are processed in turn.

6.The ‘Upload cycle’ starts as soon as the ‘Download cycle’ has completed.

7.The ‘Upload cycle’ first posts changes of ‘Live’ data, directly to the databases of websites we host or those that use a mySQL database in our format..

8.Once the website databases have been updated, the portals or websites we feed with a Rightmove format file or similar have a data file uploaded to them.  When this occurs will depend on the maximum frequency the recipient has requested we upload the files.

9.Once we have uploaded the data file to the FTP server of the portal or website, we have no control over when it is processed or the order the files are processed in.