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Recent Enhancements

Recent Enhancements

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Recent Enhancements

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Added offer statuses of Note of Interest and Withdrawn.

If an appointment is dragged and dropped to a new time or user, a confirmation box is displayed.

Reorganization of Contacts screen to have better alignment and added ability to print.

When matching under offer and sale agreed properties can be included/excluded by means of a check box.

Added the ability to permanently delete old appointments (admin option).

Added merge fields to standard letters for viewings.

Applicants: Added 'Not' operator to Area Search Criteria.

Added ability to allow another branches Clients, Viewings, Matches and Sales Progress & Properties to be 'Review(ed)' at another branch (admin option).

Added the ability to archive another branches Properties and Applicants (admin option).


The images in stored templates are now compressed to reduce the size of the PDF.

The help file is copied to the user's PC to get round imposed Microsoft limitations on opening help files across a network.

PDF's can now be viewed using either the user's default PDF viewer or our own internal viewer thus removing the requirement that Adobe Reader has to be installed.

When sending emails a progress bar is displayed together with a count of the number of bytes sent to show that the application has not hung when sending large attachments.

The default font size for standard letters can now be specified in Options>General>Standard Letters.

When creating blank emails the font and font size is now set based on the standard letter defaults.

When sending emails clicking on the zoom_in button on the Detail group header will open a screen where the font, font size, colours, etc. can be edited. Standard phrases can also be inserted.

When sending the sales memorandum by email if there is a vendor standard letter with the word MEMORANDUM (case insensitive) in the description of the letter this letter will be automatically used.

The diary screen now displays the date/time that it last checked for any changes by other users.

The SMTP Port used for sending emails is now configurable in Administration>Options>Company>Branches.

Individual standard letters can now be imported/exported by means of the two buttons added to the toolbar at the bottom left of the Standard Letters editor.