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Email Screen

Email Screen

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Email Screen

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All emails sent through Estate Agent Pro use this common interface.


Email Editor Screen Email Editor Screen




This screen is accessed from numerous places within Estate Agent Pro.


Confirmation of which email account this email is being sent from is shown at the bottom of the screen. This is configurable by your system administrator.


Your own signature can be used in emails. Speak to your system administrator if you wish to use this facility.


The logo shown here is for example purposes and will be replaced by your own. Again, this is configurable by your system administrator.


Sent emails will be stored under Draft & Sent Communications for each client.


Notepin Please note that we can only guarantee that an email is sent, not received. There are many reasons why an email may not arrive such as incorrect email address, junk filters, spam filters, etc. In the case of incorrect email addresses, your email server should eventually notify you via email, to the email address you are sending from, of these failures. In the other cases this cannot be detected. Also note that checking the Return Receipt box does not guarantee that a read receipt will be sent by the recipient as this can be turned off in Microsoft Outlook.


This screen can be broken down into 3 separate areas.


Detail Panel Detail Panel




This example email is being sent to a vendor. Any emails that are associated with this vendor such as purchaser, solicitor, etc. will appear in the drop down list of the To and cc list boxes when you click on the btnDropDown button.






To include an address that is in the list tick the check box next to it. If you wish to add an email address that is not in the list simply click on the btnNavAdd  button.


Clicking on the zoom_in button on the detail panel will open the email in an editor where fonts, colours, etc. can be changed. It also allows standard phrases to be inserted.


Body of Email Body of Email


Email Body


Signature blocks and company images are optional and can be defined by your system administrator.


The Image displayed here is purely for example purposes.


Spell checking, similar to Microsoft Word is available here.


Body of Email Ribbon Bar




The buttons on the ribbon bar have the following functionality:



Sends the email, stores it under Draft & Sent Communications for the respective client and closes this screen. See the Customer Communications Screen for more information.


Discards the email and closes this screen.


Opens a dialog allowing you to add any attachment.


Deletes last attachment added.


Displays graphically the attachments added. There can be any number of attachments. Clicking on the button will open the attachment.