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Copy Dated Note

Copy Dated Note

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Copy Dated Note

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Existing applicant or property dated notes can be copied to either a property or applicant respectively.


In the example shown below a dated note has just been added to an applicant. This note can be copied to a property once the note is saved by clicking on the House button.




The following screen will be displayed:




The property can be selected either by clicking on the CopyDatedNoteDropDownButton drop down button or the CopyDatedNoteLookUpButton look-up button. The selection criteria will be applied to either method.


The note can be amended, as shown, and once the property is selected the bullet_triangle_green button can be clicked to copy the note to the property.


The original dated note is then updated with a House to the right hand side of the note.




When you click on this button in the future it will open the property screen focused to 8 Journeys End.


The corresponding entry in the dated notes of the respective property will be updated as follows:




And, again, clicking on the Applicantbutton will open the applicant screen focused to the originating applicant.