Estate Agent Pro Enterprise

Contacts Screen

Contacts Screen

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Contacts Screen

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Displays a list of all contact details for selected client including all associated contacts such as solicitor, estate agent, etc if relevant. There are also tabs on the screen for sales chasing, central notes and chain flow.


Contacts Screen Contacts Screen




All contact details entered into Estate Agent Pro for the Vendor, the vendors solicitor, the purchaser, the purchasers solicitor and the purchasers estate agent is displayed.



The Vendor or Purchasers Client information can be edited from this screen by clicking on the button to the right of their address. See the Client's Screen for more information.




Clicking on the Mobile phonebButton button will open a screen to enable you to send text messages to whoever is detailed in the Whom column. This has to be configured and additional charges apply. See the SMS Text Messaging Screen for more information. Clicking on the Mail button will open the Email Screen enabling you to send an email. Both of these types of communication will be stored under Draft & Sent Communications of the applicant, vendor, solicitor or estate agent respectively. See the Customer Communications Screen for more information.


Sales Chasing Tab Sales Chasing Tab




Shows the dates entered in the Sales/Rent Status Screen. These are configurable by your system administrator.


Central Notes Tab Central Notes




Details any central notes entered in the Sales/Rent Status Screen.. These notes can be entered at any branch.


Chain Flow Tab Chain Flow Tab




Displays both the up and down chains as entered in the Chain Flow Screen