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Applicants Screen - Search Criteria Tab

Applicants Screen - Search Criteria Tab

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Applicants Screen - Search Criteria Tab

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This is where you can specify the type of property the applicant is interested in and a specific area if appropriate.


Search Criteria Tab

Clicking on the CheckAllOn button will tick all check boxes. Clicking on the CheckAllOff button will untick all check boxes.



At least one of the check boxes under each classification (Type, Style, etc.) must be ticked. These classifications are configurable by your system administrator. Details entered here will be used in conjunction with other criteria entered on the Primary Applicant Tab when matching against properties. The less specific you are the more matches will be found.



Any entries here will be matched against a property’s address and if a match is not found the property will be excluded; the match is not case sensitive.


In the example given, if the property is not in Tonbridge it will not match


Entries on separate lines will be considered as an OR match


For example, if Tunbridge Wells was added to the Area box on a separate line, the applicant would then match against properties in Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells.


AND matching can also be used, by inserting an and on the same line


For example:  If an applicant wants to only live in George Street, Tonbridge you would enter: George Street and Tonbridge


Partial postcodes can also be used for example:  TN9


* A search will also return any properties that have an address like ‘Tonbridge Road or Tonbridge House’.  To refine the search you can use a partial postcode, for example:  Tonbridge and TN9



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